I have always loved capturing moments. I enjoy walking through history in the images of my family tree and creating images for your own milestones and moments. Stories of where we come from, and who we’re connected to. For me, it’s the little moments. Your babies running across the grass, the wind blowing your hair, reaching that goal, or starting a new tradition.

As a result of my own upbringing, I was inspired to start capturing these moments because as a new mom, time was fleeting, and I felt like I often was missing out or didn’t appreciate those little things enough. I was afraid through the exhaustion of life and motherhood that I would forget all of those sweet memories if I didn’t find a way to freeze them. Through the years I have had the opportunity to not only capture moments for my own family, but for others as well. These beautiful moments can come in all shapes and sizes. Capturing these memories has changed me. I have grown to see the longevity of a moment and holding onto it for the future.

As much as I appreciate moments of the past, it is the now and the future I seek to obtain for my clients. I look forward to creating a snapshot of all of the events both big and small for you and your families. From babies first learning to walk, or seniors preparing to leave the comfort of their parent’s homes, the images we create will help to create a legacy for your family now and for many years to come.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped make this new part of the Lindsey Whetstone Photography experience possible! The team at Alisabeth Designs listened to all the details and really brought everything here to life. I would also like to thank my dear friend Erica Bushong of Erica Lee Photo who helped to capture my branding images. Now, let’s have some fun! Tell me below? What’s your favorite part of the new look and why?! P.S. Your comment is an EXTRA entry into the giveaway over on my social media pages!!




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